JLD Equine Summer Riding Program:

Horses and fun in the summer sun. Great for new, novice or experienced riders. Lessons, games and explorations on our 125 acre farm. Come join us for our Summer Camp.

This camp is suitable for campers 7 years old and older. Camp runs from 9AM - 3PM each day.

What do we do?

First we learn to be safe! Riding and working around horses can be very dangerous if certain safety rules are not followed. You must always remember that animals can be unpredictable. There are many safety rules you will learn in camp before you can ride a horse.

You will be assigned to A or B group according to your riding ability, (if you have never ridden before that's okay) and you will be assigned a riding partner that will be with you all week to help each other. Most of your learning activities will be hands on (working with a horse).

Be sure to hurry! Space fills up quickly.  Download a registration form for camp dates and sign up information.

Download an information page

Download a registration form.

The following is an example of the weekly activities:

Safety around horses
Grooming and tacking
Riding demonstration
Learn parts of the horse and horse terms
Cleaning stalls
Learn horse colors and markings
Learn about breeds
Cost of owning a horse
Horse care
Arts n' crafts
Horseback games
First aid demos
Horse illnesses
Bathing Horses
Tack cleaning
Show practice

Please read the following information so you'll know what to bring and how to dress:
  1. Bring your own lunch and drink (refrigerator available).
  2. Bring a plain white t-shirt with you the first day. This will be used for arts n' crafts later in the week.
  3. Wear long pants and shoes or boots with hard soles with small heels. You may bring shorts for non-riding activities.

Riding helmets will be worn during all mounted activities. Please bring your riding helmet with you if you have one. Bike helmets are not ASTM F-1163-04a/SEI certified and therefore are not acceptable helmets. If you do not have an approved riding helmet, we will supply one to use while riding.

Note to parents: If you wish to confirm your spot, please call (585) 200-9934 or email JLD Equine.